now: June 27 – July 1, 2022. Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

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What to do in Madeira Islands

“Levadas” Walking Tours

Madeira provides fantastic hiking tours , called “levadas” , taking you to some of the most spectacular and beautiful sceneries of the Island.

Regular Bus Tours

If walking is not what you are looking for, you can find bus tours leaving Funchal every day to all over in the island. Information can be found at the hotel reception.

Madeira accessibilities, with a very good and modern road network, can take you everywhere without loosing too much time. Even the ancient roads are well kept, and , in some cases , used , mainly , by tourists.

Dolce Fare Niente”

If relaxation is what you are looking for, there’s no better place than Madeira to do it.

All the 5 Star Hotels Hotels are equipped with Spas where it’s possible to relax and do nothing else than lying by the pool and rest.

Boat Trips

There are regular and chartered boat trips in the Island, either in a 1500 man-o-war replica of “Santa Maria de Colombo” , one of the boats of Christopher Columbus ‘ fleet , or in a modern sail catamaran .


The Island of Madeira offers to their visitors two golf courses, one of 18 holes, and another with 27, and there’s a third one being built. In the smaller Island of Porto Santo, there is a 18 hole golf course.

Big Game Fishing

For all fishing enthusiasts, big game fishing might probably be the best way of spending a day in Madeira.

Dolphin / Wales Watching

This is a very nice way to meet this fantastic creatures, and , of course , to make a fantastic boat ride. In nowadays , it is possible to swim with Dolphins .

Scuba Diving

The archipelago waters are full of sea life, so the experience of diving in these lively waters would be unforgettable. There are private companies organizing expeditions, and in some hotels diving classes are available.

Trip to Porto Santo

Also called as a Mini Cruise, this trip is performed on a very modern ferry boat working daily and connecting Funchal (Madeira’s capital) to the smaller Island of Porto Santo. It’s a two hour and twenty minutes boat ride, were it is possible to appreciate the two islands from seaside. In Porto Santo there is a fantastic 9 km white sandy beach, restaurants and different tours.

Cable Cars

In Funchal, and in other locations of the Island, there are cable car rides providing spectacular views of Madeira.


There are numerous historical sights, monuments, different Museums, to visit and to enjoy. And the “Must “of the Island, is its Nature, that surrounds you everywhere.

Toboggan Ride

This typical regional way of transportation as become, one of the most well known images of Madeira.

Since the early days of tourism in the Island, until nowadays, this kind of entertainment is still well appreciated by all our visitors.

Visits to Madeira Wine Lodges

Being in Madeira and not visiting a Madeira wine lodge, it’s like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

This lodges , store inside , the precious and exquisite liquid that is the Madeira Wine. Of course tasting is included in the visits.

Natural Pools

In the Northern Coast, natural pools are easy to find, being fantastic places, where visitors can take a relaxing bath on the Atlantic Ocean.


The Island itself is a “floating garden “, as it is known all over the World. Exuberant manmade gardens are open to be visited. That’s the case of the Botanical Garden, Quinta Magnólia, Monte Palace Gardens, and many others.


Different Museums, and exhibitions can be found in the Island.

There are 17 Museums in Funchal area

Nightlife entertainment

Bars and discotheques, located in the Hotels and in the city centre , or , in the hotel area , are places were you can have fun having a drink ,or dancing all night long.


The casino provides all traditional casino entertainment, allowing you to dine in one of the two restaurants, to see a show, to play slot machines or traditional casino games.


The fantastic waves and wind conditions in Madeira , got the archipelago in the route of surfers , and windsurfers. Some surfing magazines elected the waves of Madeira as the best waves in Europe for surfing and windsurfing.

Sailing conditions are almost perfect, thanks to modern marinas built around the Island.

Paragliding, rock climbing, Cycling, canyoning, “levada“ walking, canoeing, parasailing, BTT, and many other sports, are available in Madeira.