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Dominique Leguillon

Prof. Dominique Leguillon
University Paris 6, 1976; now Emeritus senior scientist in CNRS and Sorbonne University

Leguillon is Directeur de recherche émérite (emeritus senior scientist) in CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and Sorbonne University in Paris where he spent his entire career. He received a prize from the French Academy of Science in 1994. His main research areas are: homogenization theory, singularity theory and brittle fracture. He taught the Finite Element Method in Paris University, homogenization in Paris and Bordeaux universities and finally Fracture Mechanics again in Paris. He wrote a book with E. Sanchez-Palencia dedicated to singularities, authored or co-authored 120 papers in international journals and had several contributions in international conferences.

The keywords of his activities are: heterogeneous materials, composite materials, interfaces, brittle fracture, damage, singularities, homogenization, asymptotic and numerical methods. His most significant and recent contribution is about Finite Fracture Mechanics. Starting from original ideas that date back to the seventies in the group of A. Kelly in England, he proposed in 2002 a general criterion to predict crack nucleation at stress concentration points in brittle materials. Based on a twofold condition in energy and stress, it is a non-local approach that unifies various existing criteria: Griffith, ultimate strength, point stress. Since that date, the so-called coupled criterion has been successfully applied by various authors to a wide range of materials and structures: ceramics, polymers, rocks, composite materials…