ESIS support for researchers

The ESIS ExCo has agreed that ESIS will support the active participation of scientists to ECF23 Conference by waiving the Conference fee for at least 25 delegates who require financial assistance to attend. Preference will be given to those under 37 who meet the criteria for support.

Consideration will also be given to retirees without travel funds.

The ECF23 conference fee will be paid by ESIS for those scientists who are awarded support.

Organization & Time schedule

All applications must be received by the ESIS Secretary by 31th January 2020.

The selection of scientists who will receive support will be made by a sub-committee consisting of Aleksandar Sedmak, Valery Shylannikov and Per Ståhle, acting on behalf of the ESIS ExCo.

The sub-committee will announce its decision by 26th February 2020. The decision will be communicated to all applicants by the ESIS Secretary by that date.

Conditions for eligibility for the ESIS support

The conditions of eligibility for ESIS support are:

.      i)  to study or work in a low-income country (ranked according to average country income);

.      ii)  to be preferably younger than 37 at the time of the ECF23 Conference (applications by older scientists will be considered)

.      iii)  to submit a manuscript to ECF23 by 20th February 2020

.      iv)  to be the prospective presenting author of the paper or poster at the ECF23 Conference.


Applications, to be sent by email to, must contain:

  1. CV;
  2. Signed declaration of citizenship and current affiliation;
  3. Abstract submitted to the ECF23 conference. 


The selection of the candidates will be made by the sub-committee after ranking according to: (i) eligibility conditions, (ii) the quality of the submitted works.

Selected scientists must substantiate fulfilment of conditions of eligibility (i) and (ii) by a letter issued and signed by his/her employer and sent to the ESIS secretary by 1st March 2020