Scientific Program

Regular  and Poster sessions

Sessions will be scheduled according to the following timetable:
09.30 — 11.00 (6 presentations) Friday
11.30 — 13.00 (6 presentations)
14.15 — 15.45 (6 presentations)
16.15 — 18.00 (6 presentations)

Specialist symposia

Specialist symposia will be organized in cooperation with the scientific associations that will support the  event. The proposed subjects are:

Damage and fracture in materials under dynamic loading
Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering
Fracture vs. Gradient Mechanics
Fundamentals of cohesive zone models
History of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
Materials mechanical behaviour and image analysis
Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of cracking in heterogeneous materials
Repair and retrofitting: modelling and practical applications

Plenary lectures

Plenary lectures will be scheduled according to the following timetable (with the exception of the first day):
09.30 — 11.00 (2 plenary lectures per day)
The first day of the conference will be organized as follows:
09.00 — 09.20: Opening Remarks
09.20 — 10.05: Honorary lecture

Summer School

A 2 days summer school focusing on a relevant structural integrity scientific topic will take place, 27-28 June 2020.