now: June 27 – July 1, 2022. Funchal, Madeira, Portugal


Madeira and Porto Santo Islands can be reached by air or sea. There are two airports: Madeira International Airport – on Madeira, and Porto Santo Airport, on the Island of Porto Santo. Because the ports of Funchal and Porto Santo are often visited by cruising ships, they serve as gateways to the Islands, as well as departure points to other destinations. Connections between the islands are either by air or ferryboats, which also transport cars. Surface transport on the islands is trouble free, thanks to the modern road structure, which has been significantly improved in recent years. Practically all points of these islands are served by a good road and transport network.

TAP PORTUGAL, the official Portuguese Airline, operates from different destinations all over the World. TAP is a Star Alliance Member.

Besides TAP, we have a large amount of Charters coming from all over Europe, and some Low Cost Carriers (Easy Jet, Sterling, etc).


Transfer Time

The Transfer Time from Madeira International Airport to the City Centre, where the Main Hotels are located, is around 20 minutes by bus.

How to get there

Visitors coming from the European Union, members of the Schengen Treaty, are granted unrestricted entry. Visitors from member states that are not signatories to this treaty need an identification document. International visitors should have a valid passport, and in some cases, a visa to visit Portugal might be requested. There is no need for any kind of vaccination.

Customs Formalities

Products leaving the Island are not subject to any limitation. However, if a quantity is considered excessive, the customs officers might require a document proving that the articles are for personal use.